Board Welcomes New Member Patricia Connelly

The Weston Community Church on the Hill in Weston Vt., historically known as “The Music Church”, is getting back to full activity after a brief hiatus due to construction projects in town.
We are happy to announce that Patricia Connelly of Weston has been named a new Board member and the new Program Director. Events of Music and Spirituality are now being planned for 2017, and will include a variety of interesting programming that will appeal to a wide range of audiences.
Pat and her husband Joe moved here to Weston, Vt. ( from New Jersey) 4 years ago this past June after over 35 years of vacationing and visits to Weston. After working in the Church for over 40 years in Music Ministry, Religious Education and Retreats, Pat is pleased to share her experience, joy, and love of Music and Spirituality here at the COTH.
Keep an eye on our Events and Blog pages for further information on these upcoming events. We look forward to continuing to bring beautiful music in partnership with Sunday “Concerts on the Hill” in the summer and other Musical and Spiritual programs and events coming in the Spring of 2017!

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